Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

New stash -forgotten stash

my example for the Feburary theme for Sandees and amelies Steampunk Challenge is a combination with the new stash (my media products) and forgotten stash ( the wooden doll frame)

 here are some pictures from the first steps.
with Gauze bandages and a deco hardener, i hope the translator gives me the right word for it LOL,i made the dress...after drying i spray with Deco art mister carbon black all over it....again after drying i knead the tentacles and the Hairfins and set some embellishments of it, then  again i made it black.

know i painted the most of the doll with the Deco Art Meida  interference tourquise ....i love the shimmering of this color...
as contrast i work with metallic lustre orange flickr.

the next step is the skelleton inside of my doll.
The base i painted it with structure paste, dry it with a heatgun, so long that are comes many bubbles for the 3 D Structure.
After that i created  with Media Fluids a rost effect.

the scelleton i painted with texture sand paste and painted it with acrylic paint .


i hope you have fun with it.
I looking forward for your ideas.
Greets and hugs


  1. WOW Alexa, das haut mich glatt vom Stuhl :-)
    So viel Fantasie und Kreativität in einem Projekt, absolut beeindruckend und inspiriend!

    1. Daaaaaaaanke schön. Das freut mich sehr...bin ich doch so ein Fan von deinen Werken.

  2. Such a wondeful project and post, Alexa! Love this to bits!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Amazing project Alexa!! Love how you have "hidden" the skeleton in her skirt! She looks amazingly tall and so full of awesome steampunk details!!

  4. Stunning project! love the textures, the rusty effect and the colors you used! fab! barbara